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About Us

Madison Bead Shop started with my love for beads and cabochons. I've been collecting beads since high school, sometimes to create a bracelet or necklace, and sometimes just because the beads were so stunning or unique I had to have them in my bead chest.

Everywhere I travelled, whether in the US to Arizona or New Mexico, or overseas to Japan, I added to my collection. I always wished I had a single place to go where I could find beads and cabochons that felt like me and were different than what I could get at the stores. And that was the creation of my shop.

Going into a bead shop should feel like going to a candy shop. Where there are beads and charms beautifully organized that inspire and bring out the joy of creating, whether for yourself or others.

I hope that is what you find today as you explore my shop that is a collection of my favorite colors, shapes, and textures.

Thank you for visiting our little shop. This is a mother, daughter, and kitten run small business. Each item is carefully curated and hand-packed for you. 

XO, Madison

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